There will be a separate category of runner called “Angels”. These will be permitted to run alongside any 100-50-42 kms runner and to offer encouragement. Angels must register. The cost is a nominal $50 to cover a contribution towards the Sports Super Centre facility cost, liability insurance and so on. Angels can run the last 3 laps alongside a marathoner, the last 3 alongside a 50 kms runner and the last 4 laps alongside a 100 kms runner. Angels will be eligible to receive the race singlet and a medal.

100-50-42 kms runners may procure one or more Angels or runners may simply sign up as an Angel and support whoever is in need.

Beware! this is a new concept, introduced to support recreational and only recreational runners. If you are vying for selection to represent Australia in international competition, or for open or age group records (at Australian or international level) you must not use the services of an Angel. To do so may put you in breach of the IAAF/IAU/AURA rules regarding the receipt of pacing or outside assistance.

Following a recent pronouncement by AURA, see click here. we have decided to axe this concept. It was introduced as a means of encouraging runners to make the step up to 100 kms and with the best intentions. However, we certainly don’t want to compromise the integrity or reputation of the race, so we will not be persevering with the concept. Our apologies if anyone was or is inconvenienced.