race info – gold-coast-100

Date: Sunday 7 June, 2020

Where: BLK Performance Centre (formerly known as the Gold Coast Sports Super Centre), Cnr Sports Drive & Morala Avenue, Runaway Bay, Gold Coast. See map.

Run course configuration: Each rectangular lap is of 6.25 kms. Do it twice for 12.5 kms, 4 times for 25 kms, 8 times for 50 kms and 16 times for 100 kms. All events are run counter clockwise and all finish within the athletics stadium.

Marathon: Those in the marathon (42.195 kms) will start at 1.555 kms from the start/finish line and complete that lap of 4.695 kms then a further 6 complete laps for 37.50 kms for a total of 42.195 kms. All other events start from within the stadium.

Race start times:

  • 100 kms solo – 6:30 a.m.
  • 50 kms – 7:00 a.m.
  • marathon – 7:15 a.m.(assemble at 7:01 a.m. for 1.555 kms jog to the start line)
  • 25 kms – 7:30 a.m.
  • 12.5 kms – 8:00 a.m.

Course measurement: Measured and certified to AIMS/IAAF standard.

Accreditation: The race is sanctioned by Athletics Australia (AA), Qld Athletics (QA), Australian Ultra Runners Association (AURA) and the International Association of Ultrarunners. It is a qualifying event for the world 100 km championships and carries IAU label no. 6a for the 100km and 6b for the 50km. The marathon course is measured and certified to AIMS/IAAF standard and the marathon performances will be recognised for purposes of Olympic Games and World championships qualifying.

Aid stations: one in the stadium and one half way around the course. The aid stations will carry water, snacks, Trail Brew sports drink. You also need electrolyte replacement, water alone is not enough. The outer aid stations will be taken down at 8:00 pm. The inner aid station will remain open until the last runner finishes.

Cutoff times: We do not impose cut-off times. We have never disqualified anyone for failing to finish. However, the course signage will be taken down from 4.00 pm (you should be able to find your way after running around in circles for 9 hours) and the outer aid station from 8:00 pm and the electronic timing will be removed after 14 hours, or at 8:30 pm.

Outside assistance: These races are official races conducted under the IAAF/IAU rules of road racing. The receipt of outside assistance is prohibited. By all means a runner can have a second on a bicycle. However, the second needs to ride ahead to the next aid station and hand out any requirements from there. The cyclist is not to ride alongside or even immediately in front of or behind the runner. If there is a complaint by a fellow runner, due enquiry will be made and, if in the opinion of the race director, the entrant has infringed then he or she will be disqualified.

Pacers: Notwithstanding the above, pacers will be permitted to accompany runners in the 42-50-100 kms events. Pacers must be registered and must start with the other runners in the respective event.

Head torches: These will be required after sunset at or about 5:00 pm. There is a section of the course at the northern end which is unlit.

Drop bags: May be left in the stadium for access every lap of 6.25 kms. Make sure that your gear is clearly marked with your name.

Toilets and showers: There are toilet blocks and showers at track-side.

First aid: A qualified paramedic will be on hand.

We provide public liability insurance for this and all of our events. This does not include Personal Accident (PA) cover for you as a runner. You need to organise this yourself

Racebib collection: On raceday, available from 5:00 am.

Parking: Adequate parking is available at the western entrance to the Sports Super Centre, off Sports Drive, second entry from Morala Avenue, on the right. This will be available from 5:00 am on race morning.

Race singlets: These are provided as part of your race entry fee. Although by no means compulsory, it would be appreciated if you could wear your singlet on the day.

Trophies: Trophies will be awarded to the 1-2-3 male and female placegetters in all events.

Prizegiving: As soon as practicable after each event.

Clubs and groups: If you are running for a club or group, you are invited to bring a marquee, banners, flags and so on. The more color the better.

Results: Should it be possible, these will be available on the website in real time as the race progresses. Should this not be possible, then full results could be expected within 24 hours of the end of the race.