GOLD COAST 100 – 9 JUNE 2019
1. I acknowledge that long distance running involves the real risk of serious injury or even death from various causes including overexertion, dehydration, accidents with other competitors, spectators or other road/trail users, course or weather conditions and other causes.
2. I understand that I should not compete in this event unless I have trained appropriately and, should I become sick or injured prior to the event, then I shall withdraw from the event.
3. By competing, I accept all risks necessarily flowing from my participation that could result in loss of life or permanent injury. Accordingly, I release all persons or corporations associated directly or indirectly with the conduct of the event from all claims, demands and proceedings arising out of my participation and I hereby indemnify them against all liability (including liability for their negligence and the negligence of others) for all injury, loss or damage arising out of or connected with my participation in this event. This release shall extend to and include Australian Ultra Runners Association Inc. (AURA) and its respective directors, partners, managers, officers, agents, contractors, employees and volunteers including medical and paramedical personnel appointed for the event, the owners, licensees and occupiers of land upon which the event or any part of it is conducted, any statutory body or local authority having control over any land upon which the event or any part of it is conducted or which is involved directly or indirectly with the event in any manner whatsoever and promoters, sponsors and event organisers. This release and indemnity continues forever and binds my heirs, executors, personal representatives and assigns.
4. I consent to receiving any medical treatment including ambulance transportation that the event organisers consider appropriate during or after the event and take all responsibility therefor.
5. I consent to AURA and the event sponsors using my name, image and likeness before, during or after the event for event promotional broadcasting or reporting purposes in any media. I also consent to having my name placed in the AURA database for the receipt of newsletters and other promotional material relating to the sport of ultrarunning.
6. I understand that safety precautions undertaken by organiser/s (such as course supervision, gear checks and race safety briefings) are a service to me and other competitors but are not a guarantee of safety.
7. I am fully responsible for the security of my personal possessions at the event.
8. My registration as a competitor is not transferable to any other person. If I am unable to compete, or if the event is cancelled for any reasons, my registration fee is non refundable.
9. I have informed or will inform the race organiser/s of any medical or physical conditions from which I suffer that might be relevant in affecting my performance or might be relevant if medical treatment is required.
10. I agree to abide by the race rules and directions issued by the event organiser/s.
11. I acknowledge the refund policy for the race; no refund for withdrawals
12. The event organisers may change the race format, course or other race conditions at their discretion. Should such change occur then this agreement applies to the changed conditions.
13. By entering this event, I consent to my personal information being provided to Athletics Australia Ltd and Queensland Athletics for the purpose of registering me as a recreational running class of member and for administering the iRun and qRun programs. I further consent to receiving information about the iRun and qRun programs including details of other events and special offers or promotions.