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This was the 11th Gold Coast 100 and one of the greatest GC 100 kms races of all time.

Mal Gamble was attempting the race for the 7th time. He led at the 50 kms mark in 3:58, followed by Sammy Weir (then 22) in 4:00, Kevin Muller close behind in 4:01 and Laurie Laine with 4:04. At the 75 kms mark it was still Mal on 6:07, Kevin on 6:11, Sam on 6:14 and Laurie on 6:18. Sam tired a little in the last 20 kms and the end result was Mal 1st with 8:25, (just a few seconds faster than his previous PB in 2011), Kevin 2nd with 8:32, Laurie 3rd with 8:35 and Sam a very credible performance for his first attempt over the distance with 8:45. Sam was rewarded for his effort with the Rising Star award.

In the women’s section, the racing was equally as good. Kerrie Otto de Grancy then the Australian 50 kms age group record holder, led at the 50 kms mark in 4:04, followed by Marita Eisler on 4:09 with Natalie Wallace close behind in 4:10. At the 75 kms mark, Kerrie still led with 6:24, from Marita on 6:25 and closing and Natalie on 6:30.. At the finish It was Marita first with 8:49, Kerrie 2nd in 8:52 and Natalie 3rd in 8:55.

Masters runner Keith Sullivan ran a very strong 9:31:03 to take the M60 race record. Mark Barrett and Kerrie Bremner won the 50 miles and Deb Nicholl took the win outright in the 50 kms with 3:25:33. Deb’s performance was (and remains as of 2019) the W40 race record. Andrew Arkinstall won the 25 kms in 1:34:09 with Brazilian triathlete Ruth Nivon first female and second outright with 1:40:30. Andrew’s performance was a M30 race record and Ruth’s performance was a W20 race record. Phil Stagg won the 10 kms with 37:21 with Courtney Gilfillan first female and second outright with 38:05. We had 27 starters in the 100 kms and 157 all up.

All in all, a good turnout with great racing. Any 100 kms race that has a margin as narrow as 10 minutes separating 1st and 3rd in the men’s and 6 minutes separating 1st and 3rd in the women’s must be regarded as spectacular.

Full results 2013
Mal Gamble_450x600

Mal Gamble

Sam Weir_450x600

Sam Weir


Marita Eisler


Kerrie Otto de Grancy


Deb Nicholl


Courtney Gilfillan

Steve Gamble Ron Clarke Kevin Muller and Ian Cornelius_450x600

Kevin Muller

Steve Gamble Ron Clarke Laurie Laine and Ian Cornelius_450x600

Laurie Laine

Steve Gamble Ron Clarke Marita Eisler_450x600

Marita Eisler

Steve Gamble Ron Clarke Keith Sullivan and Ian Cornelius

Keith Sullivan

Steve Gamble Ron Clarke and Kerrie Bremner_450x600

Kerrie Bremner

Ron Clarke Sammy Weir and Ian Cornelius_450x600

Sam Weir-Rising Star


2014 was an interesting year. The men’s race was won by Moritz auf der Heide (GER), in 7:34. First female and second overall was Marita Eisler in a PB of 8:09, which was then the second fastest time by a woman on Australian soil. Second woman was Nikki Wynd with 8:46. This was to be Nikki’s PB and remains so to this day (6-2-2019). Third female was Shannon-Leigh Litt (Walker) (NZL) with 9:29. Back to the men, second was Daniel Cartica (USA) in a time of 8:16, closely followed by the first Australian male, Marcus Cockshutt with 8:17.

Kyle Weise (19) ran 9:49 at his first attempt at the 100 and was awarded the Rising Star award.

The racing in the shorter events was keen also. The 50 miles was won by Nicholas Turner in 7:03 and Fiona Mann in 7:28. The 50 kms was won by Anderson Moquiuti in 3:39 and Bernadette Grundy in 4:29. The 25 kms was won by Andrew Arkinstall in 1:33 and Tressa Lindenberg (still recovering from injury) in 1:48. The 10 kms was won by triathlete Shane Barrie in 34:40 and Clare Geraghty with 36:42.

There were 39 starters in the 100 kms and 202 across all events, a record turnout to that time.

Full results 2014
Moritz auf der Heide GC100 2014

Moritz auf der Heide

Marita Eisler GC100 2014-2

Marita Eisler

Nikki Wynd GC100 2014

Nikki Wynd

Daniel Cartica GC100 2014

Daniel Cartica

Marcus Cockshutt GC100 2014

Marcus Cockshutt

Tressa Lindenberg GC100 2014

Tressa Lindenberg

Marita Eisler_800x600

Marita Eisler with Ron Clarke

Moritz and Marcus

Moritz & Marcus Cockshutt

Kevin Muller_800x600

Kevin Muller with Ron Clarke

John Nuttall_800x600

John Nuttall with Ron Clarke


Keith Sullivan with Ron Clarke

Kyle Weise and Ron Clarke_800x600

Kyle Weise with Ron Clarke


2015 was a standout year. The men’s race was won by Scott Brittain with 7:34:08. First woman and 2nd outright was Marita Eisler who was agonisingly close to breaking 8 hours, with 8:00:43. Second male and 3rd outright was Tasmanian David Bailey in 8:03:21. David’s performance was terrific, giving him the Australian M20 record. Third male was Kevin Muller with 8:11:10 (then a PB) just ahead of Mal Gamble with 8:11:53, also then (and still) a PB. Second woman was Kirstin Bull with 8:25:57 (then a PB). Kirstin went on to run 7:39:28 at the world championships later that year, establishing a new Australian record and then 7:34:25 the following year, winning the world championships. Wow… what a performance! Third woman was Nikki Wynd with 8:54:35.

All up we had 8 males and 3 females under 9 hours, which was just terrific


We had 44 starters in the 100 kms, 165 all up.

Full results 2015