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The 2016 race was won by Francesco Ciancio from Melbourne, in a time of 7:30:20, then a PB. Kevin Muller was second with 8:10, also a PB. Marita Eisler was first woman and third outright with 8:10:17 (a touch slower than her 8:00 of the previous year), Shannon-Leigh Litt (NZL) 2nd female with 8:47:51 and Barbara Fieberg, 3rd woman with 8:56:07. Third male was Same Weir with 9:20:31, There were 30 starters in the 100 and 142 all up.

The 2016 race was to be the last from Burleigh. Increased vehicular traffic was a factor and it was thought that the original course at Runaway Bay would be faster.

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Francesco Ciancio


Marita Eisler



This was the first year back at Runaway Bay and we had some magnificent performances. Francesco Ciancio won the race with 7:07:54, an improvement by 22 minutes over his time of the previous year. This prima facie reinforced our belief that the Runaway Bay course was faster. His performance was the third fastest time on Australian soil, behind Tim Sloan’s 1995 mark of 6:29 (Ross to Richmond) and Yiannis Kouros’ 1996 mark of 6:45 (Shepparton). Barry Keem ran neck and neck with Francesco for the first 65 kms but slowed from that point, still finishing with a very creditable 7:25.

Marita Eisler won the women’s finally getting under the 8 hour barrier with 7:59:16. This was the second fastest time by a woman on Australian soil since Jackie Fairweather’s 7:48:51 at the GC100 of 2009. Pam Muston ran a great 10:17:07 breaking the women’s W55 record.

Full results 2017

Francesco Ciancio


Barry Keem


Franceso and Barry


Marita Eisler


The 2018 race was won by local athlete Darryl Hill. Darryl’s time of 7:18:12 was the 5th fastest on Australian soil behind Tim Sloan (6:29, 1995), Yiannis Kouros (6:45, 1996), Francesco Ciancio (7:07 2017) and Andrew Law (7:17, 1995). Second was veteran Andy Heyden with 7:37:42 and third Kevin Muller with 7:53 (PB). Fourth was the evergreen Mal Gamble with 8:11:53 (PB).

The women’s section was won by New Caledonian athlete Nathalie Schmitt in 8:27, second was Emilie Tan with 8:33, and third Barbara Fieberg with 8:51. Race age group records were achieved by Darryl Hill, Kevin Muller, Mal Gamble and Barbara Fieberg.

Full results 2018

Darryl Hill

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Andy Heyden

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Kevin Muller


Nathalie Schmitt


Emilie Tan

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Barbara Fieberg

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David Baillie


Pam Muston

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Janine Kent


Gary Rogers


Keith Sullivan